Is FotoStation compatible with Networks or NAS Systems?



  • Kay Peters (Platinum Partner)

    Hi Sandra,

    yes, in general you can work with one and the same catalogue from different working stations/users since FotoStation is like a 2layer" on top of your folder structure. But, FotoStation works slightly different compared to Media Pro. I have heard that the develeopment of Media Pro was stopped recently. I am working with other companies looking for an alternativ and I am happy to have a chat with you about the possibilities. Are you located in Germany?

    Please leave a shor message and lets keep in touch,

    Regards, Kay

    Xenario GmbH

    FotoWare Platinum Partner in Germany

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  • Sandra Hoffmann

    Hi Kay,
    thanks for your quick response.
    Yes, unfortunately Media Pro has stopped the development and isn't supported anymore... that's why I am looking for a similar alternative to that program. I am thankful for any suggestion or other solution. I thought FotoStation could be one?!
    And yes, I'm located in Germany.... I suppose we can talk also in german then?
    How can we keep contact?

    best regards,

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