Rette skannede bilder i Fotostation og/eller i Fotoweb?



  • Steinar Venning

    FotoStation - Beskjær eller Rediger vil vel gjøre denne jobben, og samtidig beholde metadata

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  • Birger Øvensen

    That's correct, see "Leveling the picture" in this article:

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  • Mads Jensen

    I had the same problem briefly, many many years ago.
    Boy it's so long, I can't remember the solution, but maybe it was one of these three:

    1. Fotostation, File, Konfiguration, Metadata, Character set - two dropdowns: Unicode (UTF-8), check in use 'codepage'...
    2. Fotostation, select photo, ctrl+T (text is gone), Cancel, ctrl+T again (text is back).
    3. Upgrade to newer version.

    Hope it helps.

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