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  • Olav Andreas Frenning

    The options for sorting content in a FotoWare system are somewhat limited today, this is something we're working actively on improving.

    While you can manually arrange the archive order left to right using the Operations Center, I believe FotoWeb will always present the archive with the most hits first, no matter, following a search.

    One conceivable way to overcome this is to have users open up the archive they want to search in first and then perform an archive specific search in that archive. It's not perfect, but a possible remedy.

    Another possible way to approach this, (which may or may not be feasible) is to apply specific tags to approved and non-approved pictures so users can specify this when searching.

    In our internal DAM we're mixing approved and non-approved content in the same archive and a using a taxonomy to filter the search result. So once you get your search result back from a fairly simple search, you're one click away from the approved content. Bear in mind, this approach makes is possible for users to download and use even content that isn't approved for use, seeing as the download permission is set at the archive level. It works in an internal system where we trust users will shy away from assets that are explicitly marked "DO NOT USE", but this may not always be the case.


    Olav Andreas

    FotoWare Product Specialist and Tech Writer

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