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  • Andreas Gnutzmann

    There's a few companies looking at Face Recognition services now, and I know there's a few Proof Of Concepts (including one we've built ourself for a demo at a conference next week) using Azure's Face Recognition APIs. 

    Since you are already using Azure Cognitive Services, have you considered extending this to Face Recognition?

    The Face Recognition Services by Azure can be used to automatically tag images with names, although the database will have to be trained (Because the APIs don't know the names of your employees). The database can actually be trained using existing metadata, or whenever someone updates the name of a person in the metadata.

    A recurring job could then be set up to scan through the assets with names of people that leaves the company and update the status of the image.

    Some integration work will be required, but not much as the need for custom user interfaces would be little or none.

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