FotoWeb 8.0 Feature Release 7 is available

The seventh release of FotoWeb 8.0 with new features is now available for download in the Customer Portal.

Here's an overview of what's new in this version:

  • Connect Actions to Archives
    Create more powerful workflows for Plus and Pro users by associating actions with archives. In addition we have added the workflow permission in the access list (for all users). Check the documentation to see how everything is set up.
    Toggle size and resolution values between metric and imperial
  • Unnecessary breadcrumb elements and folder navigation tree nodes are now hidden from users
  • Administrators can set custom background images on the login page
  • Whitelabelling - FotoWeb Enterprise allows removal of FotoWeb badges

Detailed release notes for this release is available after login in the Customer Portal.

Note! In the future, announcements like this will be posted in the Customer Portal - News section.


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