FotoWeb 8.0 Feature Release 6 is available

The sixth release of FotoWeb 8.0 with new features is now available for download in the Customer Portal.

Here's an overview of what's new in this version:

  • User Invites
    Administrators can now send email invitations to help users sign up to FotoWeb, and pre-allocate the users to specific groups to ensure they get immediate access to the right content after signing up. Invites can be sent via email, or a signup link can be generated and distributed through other means.
  • Organization Invites
    Administrators can whitelist email domains, and preallocate users from a domain to specific groups. This makes it easy to ensure that each user in a company has his/her own user, without the administrative overhead of managing each account.
  • Universal Avatars
    FotoWeb now uses Gravatar to show a profile picture and identify the logged-in user.
  • UX Improvements in FotoWeb Pro
    We have improved the behavior of opening and closing collection tabs in FotoWeb Pro. Keyboard shortcuts have been added for deleting assets and opening the metadata editor in edit mode. Hit the Question Mark (?) key to see all shortcuts.

Detailed release notes for this release is available after login in the Customer Portal.

Note! In the future, announcements like this will be posted in the Customer Portal - News section.


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