Microsoft SQL Native Client fails to download during FotoWeb setup

Due to an unexpected change in Microsoft's Download Service, the following Prerequisite fails to download during the Prerequisite stage of the installer: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 9.00.4035 (x64). The Prerequisite is mandatory, and affects servers where:

  • FotoWeb has not previously been installed on the server
  • FotoWeb is being upgraded from an early version of FotoWeb 7.0 or older.


When running the installer, the following error message appears in a dialog during the Prerequisite stage:

"An error occurred while downloading the file What would you like to do?"

Clicking retry only causes the error to reappear, leaving the administrator with no other option than to abort the installation.


Download and install the Prerequisite manually from our new download location.

Once completed, run the FotoWeb installer again.

The issue will be addressed in future FotoWeb Releases.


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